Scaredy Cubits Have Sold Out!

Say hello, to these 500 friendly little NFT fellows – whoa, not too fast. They’re scared to bits, and frankly, they’ve got no idea how they got here.

Scaredy Cubits Hero
Scaredy Cubits Collection

They’re Teeny Tender Guys

Scaredy Cubits are cubical beings lost in our spherical world. They’re easily startled, so we don’t know how to tell them they belong to a collection of 500 NFTs designed by 3D art guru Misoo for the Ethereum blockchain.

They’re Absolutely Adorable

From humans, to orcs, elves, cyborgs, and more, you’ll find them to be equally adorable and diverse. With over 180 accessories across 17 traits, Scaredy Cubits were handcrafted without any algorithmic assistance.

Explore The Collection

You’ll find unique clothing, hair styles, facial features, costumes, accessories and more. Among the 500, you may be lucky enough to find one of the rarer Cubits, featuring a Silver, or even a Gold Background!

Every Scaredy Cubit may be unique, but they all have one thing in common: they’re scared to bits and not afraid to show it. They all share the same adorably iconic, terrified expression!

Scaredy Cubits Roadmap

The Artist

A 3D enthusiast and industry veteran, Misoo has worked in the CG industry for years. This is Misoo’s debut NFT collection, and only the beginning of our journey into his imagination.

Misoo - Scaredy Cubits Artist
Scaredy Cubits - NFP Signup

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